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Hi, I'm Melvin!

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know more about me!

I'm a purebred Great Dane who was adopted November 22, 2020 from R&R Rescue & Resort when I was just 1.5yrs old! (that's right, I'll be 3 soon!)

This passed year with my forever family has been amazing & I'm a very healthy, active, vocal pup!

Unfortunately on Dec. 8 at my annual wellness checkup I was diagnosed with a Ventricular Arrhythmia which will require lifelong medication & treatment that my parents started right away!

Luckily, my condition is not at high risk and can be managed until I see a cardiologist for further testing.

 My parents were very sad to hear the news but mom got to work straight away with a plan!

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How You Can Help!

  • From here on out 25% of our store's profit will be going towards Melvin's Appointments, Medication, and Cardiologist. Any purchase will go a long way! ❤️

  • We have a saving's account set up for donations as well, E-Transfer or PayPal donations are accepted to

  • An Amazon wishlist has been created to help offset some costs and keep Melvin extra comfortable & happy during these times.

  • You can find his wishlist ​HERE

The estimated cost of our Cardiologist appointment is $2000 not including medication, and other tests needed. This fund will be going towards his current testing, treatments, medication, and the rest will be saved for his cardiologist appointment.

Our goal is to raise at least $2000, We will keep updates posted on our Instagram page in a story highlight, and also update here on the website as much as possible.

(Instagram will always be most up to date)

So far we have $400/$2000 raised!

We appreciate your love & support so much, we can't believe how many people's lives Melvin impacts through our platforms, it means the world to us. ❤️

xoxo - Ivy, Brandon & Melvin.


You can always find us on on social media if you have questions or want to get to know us better!


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